lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Conferencia de prensa de Roger Federer tras proclamarse campeón del ATP 250 de Halle (Alemania) 2013.

Saludos amigos/as.

Aquí os pongo la conferencia de prensa de Roger Federer tras proclamarse campeón por 6ª vez en el ATP 250 de Halle (Alemania).

El suizo venció en la final al ruso Mikhail Youzhny por 6-7 (5-7), 6-3 y 6-4, y sumó el título 77 de su carrera igualando a John McEnroe.

Aquí os pongo la rueda de prensa completa, pueden traducirla con nuestro traductor que tenemos a la derecha de la página.

Q: Are you really pleased Roger or was it such a big monkey on your back today?
FEDERER: No, I’m just happy. It was a great week for me and my family. I practiced hard after Paris once I came here. The weather was nice. So, I took advantage of that. After I played so well on grass the last years and last year as well with the final here and at the Olympics and winning Wimbledon, you are always going to feel more confident but at the same time you also feel the pressure. On the grass points are being played in a quick way, you don’t always control everything if the guy is serving big or if he just goes for it. So, I’m just very happy how I played this week and excited about what’s to come now. Because I feel confident, I feel fit and fresh and that’s very important at this point in the season.
Q: Did the win boost your confidence. Going into Wimbledon winning the title is obviously better than not?
FEDERER: Winning solves everything really. So, for me it’s great in terms of confidence. I feel like I know what I need to do. It’s good to fight as well the last couple of matches after two easy ones at the beginning. I had to come from losing the first set twice, then coming back to win is a great feeling. There’s still things I believe I can improve on but I think that will then happen when the moment is there when Wimbledon starts. But overall I’m very pleased with the way I played and I’m happy with the week.
Q: Is it less of an emergency when you are down a set against a guy you have won against fourteen times?
FEDERER: It depends. I played a few guys, who I had a very good record against, ten, twelve, thirteen zero and they all seem to get that win. All of a sudden I felt it’s going to be one of those moments as well for me. So, I really tried to put my head down and focus, point for point mentality, especially my serve. The last thing you want to go down a break in the second set and for him to start cruising playing with the lead. So, I was able to keep him at bay. I don’t believe it was all that great of an advantage to have that super record against him in the second set. I knew that the defeat was near and it was close because Mikhail was playing good enough to win today. No doubt about it.
Q: The Wimbledon seeding will come out in a few days. There’s a debate whether Nadal should be moved up. Any thoughts about that?
FEDERER: No. What do you want me to tell you? It’s the same debate before the French Open. At the end he was seeded four. I was like ‘why the big fuss.’ Ferrer played rock solid last 365 days. What are you going to say? Rafa hadn’t played that much. That’s how the rankings go. But in probably a month or so Rafa is going to be the top 2 or 3. So, he’s going to be patient right now. It clearly changes the draw with the dynamics of it but not more than that really. I mean the quarter final is not first round. It’s still far away in the draw if you think about it.
Q: So are you relieved or is it just nice that people will stop asking when you’re going to win a title?
FEDERER: I have to say that I wasn’t asked that much. Maybe this week they asked because I was the number one seed and everybody expected me to win as I did, too. I had actually been playing well. I should have won Basel which I lost 7:6 in the third, was in the final of Rome and of the World Championships, made the semis in Australia. I played on a high level. I’m not absolutely satisfied with the first six months. Maybe if I had changed my tournament schedule I would have won more titles but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to play the big tournaments, take a break and then be in top form for this week here, Paris, Halle, Wimbledon and I’m happy things look great for next week.
Q: This is your 77th title. So you’re even with McEnroe. What does that mean to you?
FEDERER: A lot of course. I knew I was close. John McEnroe has done a lot for tennis also later as commentator. I used to watch his matches, the highlights against Björn Borg and later Boris Becker. So, it’s very special.
Q: How happy are you with today’s match? I had the feeling you did more mistakes than usual?
FEDERER: Youzhny really put me under pressure and forced me to make mistakes. He plays very hard and flat to the baseline. He served really well in the first one and a half sets which made it difficult for me. I got a bit reluctant and as soon as you hesitate you get more bad bounces. Either you try too hard or not enough, I didn’t find the right mix which was due to Youzhny. At the end, I played better.
Q: Does it feel better to have won a title you had to fight for than winning in straight sets?
FEDERER: I would say in this phase it is better not to have won in straight sets. Previously I either won or lost in straight sets. So, I’m very satisfied with the way I played and that I had to fight for title. It really means a lot to me. I had a great time and it’s absolutely great to finish the week with the victory.
Q: How is your tennis different from when you won back in 2003 and how has the tournament changed?
FEDERER: I think that I also played well back then. Usually I played good when I won here or made it to the final, also my match against Tommy last year. I always reach a certain level in a final. A lot has changed over the years at the tournament. It is even nicer, more perfect and even better organised which is normal because you learn from your mistakes. The event centre is amazing. I think it is even more professional than it was anyway.
Q: When the FC Bayern Munich won the Champions League Frank Ribery took the cup to bed. How are you going to celebrate?
FEDERER: No, the cup is already on its way to Basel, my dad is taking it home in the car. I remember that I once slept with the French Open Coupe de Mousquetaires on my bedside table. It was funny because security didn’t want to let me take it after I asked whether I could have it overnight. They had to ask the tournament which, in the end, allowed me to keep it for a night. But, no, it didn’t sleep in the same bed as I did.

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