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Conferencia de prensa de Roger Federer tras su derrota ante Wawrinka en la final del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco).

Saludos amigos/as.

Aquí os pongo la conferencia de prensa de Roger Federer tras su derrota en la final del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco), donde ha caído ante su compatriota Stanislas Wawrinka por 6-4, 6-7(5) y 2-6.

El suizo ha dicho que a pesar de la derrota, no se siente frustrado y se alegra por la victoria de su compañero. Además ha dicho que su idea es jugar Madrid, Roma y Roland Garros, ya que son muchos los rumores en los últimos dias, en los que dicen que el suizo renunciará a alguno de los tres torneos por su inminente paternidad.

Aquí os pongo la rueda de prensa completa:

Q.  I'm sure you're very disappointed. 
ROGER FEDERER:  Not so disappointed, no. 

Q.  But losing against Stan, your friend, partner in our Davis Cup team, that gives you some positive thought.  Maybe it's not so bad. 
ROGER FEDERER:  Exactly.  You make it sound so bad, and at the end it's not so bad. 
I started from not so bad to a bit frustrated that maybe you don't win it.  Like you said, I think it's one of the those finals that I could have won.  But Stan, you know, was tougher at the end.  I think he deserved it just a little bit more. 
Clearly it would have been nice to win that second set tiebreaker.  I didn't necessarily play a bad one, but also at the same time I didn't quite ever get into the lead where things went my way. 
Of course, I'm very happy for Stan.  It's a huge win for him after winning his first Grand Slam this year, also to win his first Masters 1000.  To take the opportunities when they're there, that's key in a tennis player's career.  So I'm very happy for him. 

Q.  Is it more difficult to play with the same usual intensity against a friend with whom you have played and practiced in the morning?  Did you feel something was missing today in your will to come back?
Q.  How do you explain in the last eight serves of Wawrinka, you made only six points?
ROGER FEDERER:  I think he served better.  He definitely found his range.  As the match went on, he started to feel more and more comfortable.  I struggled to put him under pressure enough.  I think it was a bit of both players:  him raising his game, me maybe going down a notch. 
I think it's a big match, regardless of the opponent, because it's a finals.  Playing Stan just adds to the excitement in some ways. 
The thing is just that you really know the patterns well of the other player.  I know patterns well when I play Novak, Rafa, or Murray for that matter.  Of course, they can surprise you to a degree, but it's more surprising when you play somebody for the first time. 
With Stan, we've practiced so much together and played each other also quite a lot, so I really know his patterns, he knows mine.  Very rarely can we really, like on match point, hit a clean winner like that.  Okay, he chased the line and it worked for him. 
So many points end, you know, in overpowering or out maneuvering your opponent because you know the patterns so well.  That's the biggest change I felt in the match today against somebody I know so well.

Q.  Can you explain why the third set got away from you?  Your level dropped?  Stan was more aggressive?
ROGER FEDERER:  A bit of both.  I don't think I served quite so well early on in the third set.  Like I said, I think he really found his range and started to hit bigger, deeper.  He didn't miss that many second serve returns anymore.  He gave me a couple cheap points in the first couple sets which he later on really didn't give me anymore.  So it made it tougher for me. 
Maybe got into some bad starts to my service games which then allowed him to sort of open up a bit.  I think clearly he was relieved as well winning that second set that gave him that extra belief or looseness to his shots which he was missing a little bit midway through the second, which was normal, because he was under pressure trying to stay in the match. 

Q.  For sure it is the first tournament on clay.  After this tournament, looking to Djokovic and Nadal, who had some problems, do you think the players who go very well to Roland Garros is bigger now? 
ROGER FEDERER:  What's bigger? 

Q.  More players, they can play better and win Roland Garros.  You and Wawrinka could possibly be winners. 
ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, but I still think we would have had an outside chance would we have lost first round.  For me it doesn't change.  It's still the same. 
Nothing happened to Rafa really.  He just lost a match, which happens.  But he's fine.  I'm sure he'll be his usual self again moving forward. 
With Novak it's a bit more of a question mark.  If he's in great shape, he's clearly one of the big favorites with Rafa.  Everybody else sort of comes after that. 
I think we're right there as well with Stan now.  We've put ourselves in positions time and time again.  This was one of those weeks we were able to capitalize on it.  Stan did the same at the Australian Open.  I did it in Dubai.  It's definitely a good start to the season for I think all four of us really. 
I would have loved to have won a second title because I've come close a few times.  That's my next objective, that I get to the very end more frequently.  But clearly I'm happy that the clay court season started so well for me. 

Q.  You play so much at the net.  Is this a new key of the new Federer by Edberg or... 
ROGER FEDERER:  I mean, I think I've always tried to come in to a degree.  When I started with Tony Roche, everybody thought I was at the net more.  When I started with Paul Annacone, everybody thought I was at the net more.  Now I started with Edberg, everybody thinks I'm at the net more. 
You think back, I actually was at the net, more than other players.  I think I'm continuing that trend.  I must say I feel actually quite confident and good at the net.  I've definitely gone through phases as well in my career where I didn't just quite feel it at the net.  But now I think when I'm coming to net, I'm choosing the right shots to come in.  I'm reading the plays well.  I'm moving well at the net, even though on clay it's always a bit tricky with not having the grip so much like on the hard courts. 
It's something I definitely have to keep on doing.  I can play from the back sometimes.  I can hit flat sometimes.  I definitely also have to mix it up by coming forward a bit more often. 
Maybe I should have done it a bit more today.  But I still think I played okay throughout this tournament and also in the match today. 

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in French for Roger. 

Q. You played a lot since the beginning of the season.  Did you have less intensity at the end of the match because of it?  Besides, what is your schedule now? 
ROGER FEDERER:  I'm going back home because I need to recuperate.  I played with a lot of intensity during the past month and I'm happy that I can relax.  I wasn't able to do that after Geneva.  I feel that I'm tired.  My body feels strange and I need to sleep. 
At the end of the third set, after the fifth day in a row of playing, I might have lacked that 2% that made a difference.  But the credit is for Stan.  He was able to stay in the match. 

Q.  From outside this final, it seemed a family party with the older brother playing against the younger brother.  Everybody was giving back points to the opponent. 
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, it was, of course, a great pleasure to share this moment with Stan.  As to the line calls and everything, it was just as it normally should be between players. 
I didn't feel frustrated.  I was happy for Stan.  I was congratulating him.  As far as I'm concerned, I focused on myself.  I didn't look at Severin.  I didn't want anybody to feel uneasy.  The important thing was that everybody agreed. 
It was all right with me because I played so many finals already.  I was relaxed.  The important thing was that Stan had to feel comfortable.  Before anything else, it was a tennis celebration on a beautiful court. 

Q.  Did you get enough information about what you had to work on?
ROGER FEDERER:  In the beginning of the clay court season, you always work on many things.  It is non stop.  You're reassessing your game all the time.  It was good that Pierre was there.  He was able to see live how I was moving on the court. 
My tennis game is pretty good.  Sliding was more difficult.  It was slippery at times.  But the more you play, the more you get used to it.  I'm very happy with this week. 

Q.  You were saying you were tired.  Are you still going to play Rome, Madrid and the French Open? 
ROGER FEDERER:  That's the plan.  It's just after those five days and playing a lot the past month that I was feeling a bit tired after the second set.  I still tried whatever I could to stay in the match. 
The beginning of the third set was a bit tough.  He was on the rise.  I tried to start my engine again, and somehow I didn't really succeed.  But my schedule is open and the plan is to play Rome, Madrid and the French Open. 

Q.  Here you were not far from winning.  Are you satisfied with that or do you really want to be able to go one step further and win it? 
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, you must see the positive side.  Try not to be disappointed or frustrated.  What I see is that if I'm in that position again, if I keep trying as I did, at a certain point it's going to go my way, like it did in my match against Jo. 
If you feel good mentally, then things are going to turn out good.  Winning a Masters 1000 is never easy anyway. 

Roger Federer ha caido ante Wawrinka por 6-4, 6-7 y 2-6 en 2 horas y 13 minutos de partido, en la final del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco).

Roger Federer ha caido en la final del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco), ante su compatriota Stanislas Wawrinka por 6-4, 6-7(5-7) y 2-6 en 2 horas y 13 minutos de partido.

Roger ha ido de menos a más en el partido y al igual que pasara en Indian Wells, ha dejado que le remonten en una final que tenía encarrilada, pero que finalmente ha acabado complicandose y cediendo ante un rival que este año está jugando un gran tenis y una buena temporada, por lo que hay que felicitarle.

El partido comenzó con ambos tenistas tanteándose y presionando al resto, aunque sacaron sus servicios adelante hasta que Roger golpeó primero tras conseguir el break y consolidarlo.
A partir de ese momento, se limitó a gestionar su ventaja y aunque Stan lo intentaba no era capaz de conseguir el break, por lo que el primer set era para Roger por 6-4.

En el segundo set, Stanislas reaccionó y conseguía romper el saque de Roger, pero inmediatamente el jugador de Basilea devolvía el break.
El set fue transcurriendo a ritmo de saques, aunque Stan fue quien más opciones tuvo de quebrar, pero no fue así y se llegó al tie break, donde finalmente Wawrinka acabó consiguiendo ganar el desempate y empatar el partido a un set.

En el tercer set, Roger desapareció, sus piernas perdieron chispa y comenzó a cometer muchos errores, lo cual Stanislas Wawrinka se aprovechó y consiguió dos break consecutivos que le colocaban 4-0 en el marcador.
Ya no hubo más break y Roger fue incapaz, por lo que Stan cerraba el set por 2-6 y se llevaba la victoria y el primer Masters 1000 de su carrera.

Tras esta derrota, Roger Federer no ha podido sumar su 22º Masters 1000 y su primer Montecarlo, ya que este torneo es uno de los Masters 1000 que se le resiste.
Aun no se sabe que decisiones tomará Roger en estos dias, ya que los rumores apuntan a que su mujer dará a luz en las próximas fechas, lo cual puede haber modificaciones en el calendario. En caso de no haberlas, Roger jugaría dentro de 2 semanas en el Masters 1000 de Madrid.

Estadísticas del partido:

Roger Federer ha logrado 3 aces y ha cometido 1 doble falta. Ha tenido un 67% de primeros servicios dentro. Ha ganado 74% de puntos con su primer servicio y 44% de puntos con su segundo servicio.

Ha conectado 21 winners y ha cometido 38 errores no forzados.

Ha convertido 2 de las 3 bolas de break y ha salvado 4 de las 7 bolas de break en contra.

Ha ganado 26 de las 36 veces que ha subido a la red.

sábado, 19 de abril de 2014

Previa del partido R.Federer - S.Wawrinka en la final del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco), Domingo 20 de Abril a las 15:00 pm hora local.



Nombre del torneo: Montecarlo Rolex Masters

Fecha del torneo: 13/04/14 - 20/04/2014

Categoría: ATP World Tour Masters 1000

FECHA DEL PARTIDO: Domingo 20 de Abril de 2014.

HORA DEL PARTIDO: 15:00 pm hora local (Montecarlo), 15:00 pm en España, 10:00 am en Argentina.

METEOROLOGÍA: Nublado, 15ºC de temperatura, 60% de humedad y vientos de 6 km/h.

TV: Teledeporte, Skysports, etc

WEB: Sportlemon

PISTA: Pista Central del "Montecarlo Country Club" (Montecarlo-Mónaco), 10.000 espectadores. Pista exterior sobre tierra batida.


Fecha de Nacimiento: 28 de Marzo de 1985
Nacionalidad: Suizo
Altura: 1,83 metros
Peso: 81 Kgs
Ranking actual: 
Mejor ranking en su carrera: 3º (Enero de 2014).
Debut profesional: 2002
Entrenador: Magnus Norman

Datos de interés del tenista suizo

Stanislas Wawrinka es un tenista suizo de 29 años, es diestro y juega con revés a una mano. Lleva desde 2002 como profesional.

Comenzó a jugar con 8 años. Le apodan "Stan".

Su superficie favorita es la tierra batida y considera su revés como mejor golpe. Muchos experos consideran este revés como el mejor del circuito.

Actualmente es el 3º del mundo. Es su mejor ranking.

Tiene 6 títulos en su palmarés: Open de Australia 2014, Chennai 2014 y 2011, Oeiras 2013, Casablanca 2010 y Umag 2006. Tiene también 2 títulos de dobles y una medalla de oro olímpica en dobles.

Su mejor resultado en un Grand Slam es campeón en el Open de Australia 2014.

Este año lleva un balance de 20 victorias y 3 derrotas.

Este año ha logrado 136 aces, ha cometido 49 dobles faltas, ha convertido el 42% de las bolas de break a favor y ha salvado el 66% de las bolas de break en contra.

Se ha enfrentado 14 veces a Roger Federer, con un balance a favor de Roger por 13-1.

Roger Federer ha ganado a Djokovic por 7-5 y 6-2 en 1 hora y 14 minutos de partido, en semifinales del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco).

Roger Federer disputará la final del Masters 1000 de Montecarlo (Mónaco), por cuarta vez en su carrera, tras ganar en semifinales ante el serbio Novak Djokovic por 7-5 y 6-2 en 1 hora y 14 minutos de partido.

El suizo jugó un buen primer set, donde se le vio muy fresco de piernas, moviendose bien y jugando de tú a tú con el serbio, que en el segundo set acusó una lesión en el brazo, que a priori no le permitió jugar a su mejor nivel, aun así esto para mi no quita ningún mérito para Roger, ya que en el primer set el serbio jugó sin problemas aparentes y no fue capaz de doblegar el tenis de Roger.

El partido comenzó con ambos tenistas tanteándose y sin dar opciones al resto. A ritmo de saques fue transcurriendo el set, aunque con 4-4 y  saque del serbio, era el suizo quien tenía la primera bola de break y avisaba, pero finalmente no pudo convertirla y casi lo paga, ya que en el siguiente juego tuvo que levantar un 15-40 que significaban dos bolas de set en contra, aunque se repuso y pudo salvarlas.
En el siguiente juego con 5-5 en el marcador, el suizo sacaba su mejor versión y conseguía el break para posteriormente cerrar el set con su saque por 7-5.

En el segundo set, ambos tenistas ganaron su primer juego de saque sin problemas, pero a partir de ese momento, el serbio se quejaba de dolor y Roger no perdonaba, ya que conseguía dos break consecutivos que dejaban el set con 5-1 a su favor. Ya no hubo más break y el suizo pudo cerrar el set por 6-2 y con esto la victoria.

En la final tendremos duelo suizo, ya que Roger tendrá como rival a su paisano y amigo Stanislas Wawrinka, quien en catorce enfrentamientos entre ambos solo pudo vencer a Roger una vez y fue precisamente aquí en Montecarlo 2009, por lo que se presenta como un bonito duelo, donde el Maestro buscará ganar su 22º Masters 1000 y el primero en Montecarlo, ya que es uno de los que le faltan en su brillante palmarés.

Estadísticas del partido:

Roger Federer ha logrado 3 aces y 1 doble falta. Ha tenido un 70% de primeros servicios dentro. Ha ganado 83% de puntos con su primer servicio y 59% de puntos con su segundo servicio.

Ha conectado 19 winners y ha cometido 21 errores no forzados.

Ha convertido 3 de las 5 bolas de break a favor y ha salvado las 2 bolas de break que ha tenido en contra.

Ha ganado 13 de las 14 veces que ha subido a la red.