domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

Resultados y clasificación del grupo A tras los 1º partidos de la Copa Masters de Londres 2015

Saludos amigos/as.

Aquí os pongo los resultados y la clasificación del grupo A de la Copa Masters de Londres 2015, tras los 1º partidos disputados el Domingo 15 de Noviembre.

En la jornada del domingo se han jugado los primeros partidos del grupo A.

Resultados 1º partidos del Round Robin de la Copa Masters de Londres 2014, Domingo 15 de Noviembre:

[1] N.Djokovic - [8] K.Nishikori: 6-1, 6-1
[3] R.Federer - [6] T.Berdych: 6-4, 6-2

Clasificación grupo A tras los primeros partidos del Round Robin.

JUGADORES         (W/L)      SETS (W/L)       JUEGOS (W/L)

N.Djokovic              1-0            2-0                        12-2

R.Federer                1-0            2-0                        12-6

T.Berdych                0-1            0-2                        6-12

K.Nishikori              0-1            0-2                        2-12

2 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations Roger to beat Berdych.
    Now comes your proof test with Djokovic that have earned many titles on this the year and he thought and believed that he's unattainable and he really is totally unpleasant where you look from, so it is your duty to download him from their clouds and plain it to land if it’s possible.
    You know him better than anyone how he plays and moves this throughout the Court -- throws the ball at different corners idem in the middle of it, also play in parallel, hide and trick the ball so he wants you run every way, does Serve and Volley's too, etc., you Can't Afford this -- from the beginning of the Game you must to impose your rhythm of your play and prepare your strategy with much aim and accuracy and break him earlier, catch him -- beat him mentally and psychologically and win him Game by Game and SET.
    You Roger, you've done before you have to corner him and put him on the ropes, being 7 Steps ahead him, Think like him, Sense and have Excellent Reading of his Plays -- Not given him ANY Advantage of Anything, don't let him Play, Nor Think, Neither Recovered to Think and Accommodate his play -- at Any Time and you, ROGER, You -- Can't Make Any Kind of Mistake, because it would be Fatal for you.
    You must Confront, Fight with Claw, Courage, Attitude, Mental Strength, etc., and make Excellent Aces he Can't Reach, as all your Services and Volley’s -- Should be at the Highest Level -- that your opponent can't Against You at Any time of the Game and Set you Must Win.
    Remember this is Your Golden Opportunity don't Let it Pass.
    Put your Mind on Positive and Mentalist you as the Winner, you have to have a lot of Mental Strength, but don’t trust him never since the Game and Set finish, because he's a dangerous player.
    Now Everything Depends on You and I will and want to see you Beat and WIN him.
    You Deserve to Win and I desire the Best of the World for you, GENIUS.

  2. Tomorrow is the Day, So, ROGER, Work harder than ever that tomorrow you'll face with Djokovic and take all the fears and doubts you may have with this adversary and Face it with Courage, Claw, Attitude, Strength of Mind and always Say:
    "I can Against him -- I'll Win him" and "I'll do it Immediately" and -- Do It.
    Putting him on the ropes and don't Let him do Anything -- for more than he try, you have to be Relentless, Persistent, Incisive and Break him his Services and Impose you, your rhythm of your game.
    You have to Surrender him -- to you as you've done it before.
    So Play very Concentrated, Focused and Precise Aiming to Hunt Djokovic and do you Lower their Arms that he Can`t with You.
    You could and Should do it Roger for yourself to feel Sure of you and I'll see You WIN him tomorrow.
    Come on ROGER, let’s do it. Good Luck, GENIUS.